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Can you believe over 600 million shoes go into landfills in the U.S. every year?! AND the majority of these shoes can still be worn 😩 To combat this unnecessary waste and raise money for our adoption, we have partnered with a really cool fundraising company to collect new and gently used shoes!

Shoe Drive.png

All of the shoes we collect will be kept from landfills and shipped around the world. Then they're sold by small business owners in communities in need of proper footwear, at an inexpensive price. Additionally, these micro-entrepreneurs create a path out of poverty for themselves in countries where there are limited job opportunities that pay a living wage.

The shoes that are not sold are used to make and fix products or create something new. Sometimes they're turned into insulation for homes or stuffing for car seats or furniture. Single shoes and excess scraps are sent to Pakistan where they are re-purposed.

We can accept all sizes and types of shoes—men's, women's, and kid's—as long as they're in good shape!

We have a big goal of collecting 100 bags of shoes... that's 2,500 pairs! 🤯 This would add another $1,000 to our adoption savings fund! If you have shoes you would like to donate, please let us know! We will arrange pick up or drop off (contactless if preferred!). ​

We can accept all gently worn, used, and new shoes including:

👟 Sneakers & Cleats

👟 Flats & Heels
👟 Sandals & Crocs

👟 Boat shoes / Sperry's

👟 Loafers & Mules

👟 ...and more!

However, there are some restrictions... Unfortunately, we cannot accept:

🛑 Single Shoes or mismatched pairs
🛑 Ice Skates
🛑 Rollerblades & Roller Skates
🛑 Wet or moldy shoes
🛑 Shoes with holes or tears

Shoe Drive progress posts (30 bags).png
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