Hi there, my name is Jedd.  I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but I'm a transplant to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I work for Riverview Center.  My favorite three things are the Packers, Bucks, and Brewers.  I collect vinyl records and love to sample beer and whiskey.  I play a lot of video games (Alissa may argue too much) and spend lots of time in the garage building things.  I consider myself a connoisseur of fine television and film.  My number one goal in life is to be a good dad.


I want to adopt because in 2015 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Testicular Cancer.  Due to complications from cancer, I'm shooting blanks!  When I met my incredible wife it became clear that there were plenty of options to still become a cool dad, and that adoption is the best route for us. There are so many kids who need a home.  I think this documentary-ish thing of our life will be really cool to look back on -- especially at the most difficult parts to see how far we've come.  I think it's really important for young people to see what this process is like. There aren't a ton of people our age (that we've found) that know what this whole process entails.  We don't even really know TBH.  So if we can help others figure this thing out, then that'd be awesome​.



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Hello! I'm Alissa. I was born in Virginia, but have lived in Iowa for most of my life. After college I spent a few years in Wisconsin, which is where I met Jedd! We were friends for a couple of years first, then he moved to Iowa, a few more years went by, and now here we are, married -- so ready to adopt. I also love the Packers, but am clearly the smarter of the pair, as I'm a Cubs fan ;)  When we're not cheering for the Pack or arguing about baseball, we love to kayak, read, play with our dog Lily, and do home improvement projects. I am the Director of Annual Giving at Cornell College, and love my job! 

Long before I met Jedd, I have wanted to adopt. Knowing there are so many kiddos out there who need a home breaks my heart. I also have had multiple close friends who were part of adoptive families, and saw how lifechanging adoption truly is. Nothing has made me happier than watching my best friends become pregnant and have babies; but I've always known that wasn't meant for me. Adoption has been a conversation since Day 1 with Jedd, and one aspect of our relationship that is so perfect to me is that I have had a lifelong desire to adopt, and Jedd wants to because he is unable to have biological children. I'm excited for this journey. I know there will be frustrations and lots of waiting, but I'm so ready to be a mom and share this wild ride with you.


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