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March Madness!

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared on the blog, and I’m excited to finally be able to announce some real progress! For a very long time, it’s felt like we’ve been stuck, unable to move forward with our adoption journey.

When we started pursuing adoption over a year ago, we found out that we are limited with the agencies we could choose from because we haven't been married long enough, then our house was too small to adopt siblings. The derecho f***ed up our house and every other house in the city, making it impossible to move into a bigger house until we fixed it. State Farm was a bad neighbor, forcing us to wait 13 months after the derecho to have any of the damaged fixed. Then after all of that, you'd be more likely to find a sold-out Xbox than a new house with how bonkers the real estate market has been. So it’s fair to say it’s been a hell of a start to our journey. Our journey hasn't felt like much of a journey anywhere.

However, through all of that, we’ve had so much support from our amazing family and friends. We’ve held multiple fundraisers, and each time ya’ll have come out in droves; we cannot thank you enough. Each fundraiser has helped us get through these bumps in the road with encouragement and a little fun.

This is why it’s so exciting to announce to all of you, our amazing support system, that WE’RE FINALLY MOVING. Moving into our new home and moving forward with our journey again.

March has been, and will probably continue to be, madness with packing and moving. But in less than a month, we’ll be moving into a home perfectly suited for the family we’re so excited to grow, and where we will immediately begin the home study process. Don't start buying toys or clothes yet (I'm looking at you, Mom). Because the home study will be about 6-8 months before we're able to even look at potential matches.

We are excited to be moving forward again, so to celebrate, we’re holding a brand-new fundraiser: a March Madness Tournament. The NCAA tournament starts on March 17th, and instead of entering your boring office pool this year, you can win big money

AND help us keep up momentum on our path to adoption. Everyone loves some light gambling, and I jump at the chance to beat my dad in anything sports related.

In case you live under a rock: Every year in March the NCAA holds the March Madness men’s college basketball tournament to determine a national champion. Thousands of

people across the country bet to predict the winners of each game in the tournament in hopes of winning a percentage of the total pot.

The teams in the tournament will be announced tonight (March 13th) at 6:00 p.m. CDT. Anytime between the announcement and the start of the tournament, March 17th, you can make your predictions.

Whoever has the most correct predictions will earn the most points and win the tournament. You can track your results live and where you sit on the leaderboard on the same website you sign up on!

Fun Fact: Even if you know absolutely nothing about college basketball (I don't) it’s still super easy and fun to play. Make your picks based on which name sounds more fun, which team colors you like best, or Alissa's favorite: which city would you most want to vacation in. Or if you want to try to be logical, you can pick based off of their standings (The little number next to the name. The lower the number, the better

they are). Anyone and everyone can have fun with this, so please share the link with everyone you know!

All of the rules are on the website, but here are the highlights:

🏀 Click here to get started

🏀 Please donate $10 as the entry fee by clicking the donate button at the end of the registration page. This will take you to our AdoptTogether crowdfunding site.

🏀 50% of all donations will go toward our adoption expenses and 50% will be placed in the winner's pot.

1st place = thank you gift ($$$) of 70% of the winner's pot

2nd place = thank you gift ($$) of 20% of the winner's pot

3rd place = thank you gift of ($) of 10% of the winner's pot

Thanks in advance and good luck!!

P.S. Here's a quick plug for our shoe drive. We are still collecting shoes! If you have new or used adult or kids shoes to get rid of, we'd love to add them to our fundraiser.

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