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How is it May?

This post was originally titled "2022 Lasted 8 minutes" back when we we originally wrote this in October and then got too busy to post it... and then edited and updated it to share with you all in December... aaaand then never got around to posting then either. So, now here we are revising again—because we're more than four months into 2023. How is it May already? 🤷

The last year has flown by, but was an incredible one with a lot of new beginnings. New House, new puppy, new grad school program, new job, another new puppy. We were finally able to go on a cruise. Alissa got really sick with covid. Then she totally kicked ass in her big work event in March. Both of our families experienced losses 💔 It’s been a whirlwind.

In between juggling work, grad school, and adoption paperwork, Alissa and I went to the HOPE 2022 Adoption Conference in Des Moines in November. It was fantastic. We learned a lot, thought a lot, freaking sang a lot too. It was kind of like a bolt of inspirational lightning, right when we needed it.

Since we last shared, we've completed:

  • Over 100 pages of paperwork (not an exaggeration)

  • 35+ hours of training: covering everything from interracial adoption, parenting, dozens of medical conditions, trauma, attachment issues, sexual abuse, and nutrition

  • Mandatory Psychological Evaluation

  • Our third Super Bowl Squares fundraiser!

After we get background checks, knock out a few more reading assignments, and receive our psych evaluation report back, a social worker will start visiting our home. They will inspect the house and interview us to determine the profile of kids we're able to adopt. Before the social worker arrives we have a big "Homestudy Fee" due.... keep on the lookout for our next fundraiser announcement 👀

Thank you so much to everyone who bought squares for our 2023 Super Bowl Squares fundraiser! (In case you missed it here's the hilarious video of the dogs participating)

--Jedd and Alissa

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